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Iconism! [entries|friends|calendar]

About Iconism...
Welcome! This is my, maidensblush icon journal! I mostly stick to anime, but occasionally will venture into the unknown world of real life. I mostly make icons, and sometime layouts and banners. And...I love taking requests, so if their open, don't hesitate! ^^

Comment when taking any icons or other graphics.
Credit is not required (unless stated otherwise) but very appreciated!
Please credit if you made a request. When Layout is made, I'll insert credit automatically, unless you want to put it elsewhere.
Please don't hotlink; it eats my bandwidth.

Requests are Open!
Request information can be found here .

E-mail: cold6136@yahoo.com; malindare@gmail.com;
AIM: porcelainspiders; sunlit scene

Layout Info...
Flower in the Wind
Version VIII
This picture is of Haine from Shinshi Doumei Cross. It was edited in Photoshop CS2, and the fonts used are Century Gothic and Abdiel. This is a manga by my favorite manga-ka, Arina Tanemura. I make icons from all of her works. I highly recommend any of her series! ^^
Images © their respective owners. Pixels by Kawaiiness.

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Icon Tutorial #2- Shoujo EVE [ Thursday// July 5th, 2007//3:51am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

We'll be going from Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us ->
Shoujo EVECollapse )


17 Icons! Death Note, Arina Tanemura, Misc. [ Thursday// June 28th, 2007//11:17pm]

[ mood | hot ]

I come bearing 17 icons today. My first update since last year!

-3 Shinshi Doumei cross
-2 Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
-1 Full Moon wo Sagashite
-1 Furuba
-3 South Park
-1 Final Fantasy XII
-2 misc. anime
-4 Death Note (bases for 2-4 by nuhtshel


clicky!Collapse )

23 icons! Strawberry Panic, Arina Tanemura & Misc. [ Wednesday// June 28th, 2006//8:03pm]

[ mood | good ]

-13 Full Moon wo Sagashite
-4 Shinshi Doumei Cross
-1 Time Stranger Kyoko
-2 Misc. Anime
bases by kawaiidreamer14
-3 Strawberry Panic!


clicky!Collapse )

3 New Gradient Sets [ Monday// June 19th, 2006//11:18pm]

more gradientsCollapse )

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